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from 2002-11-29 to 2002-12-22

Opening date: 2002-11-29

Crossing Points East-West (or) Preliminary Reflections and some Afterthoughts

Associated Events
Workshop: Task force
North-South Workshop
East-West Workshop

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"Konsequenz" is a project discussing personal dreams and social responsibility. For a while the Shedhalle will be turned into a great laboratory, offering people an exciting and challenging platform for self-reflection an thought-experiments.

The aim is to shed light on our often contradictory conducts of life an whether it would be possible to make our societal and environmental professions and politics.

Through various artistic and discursive means the audience will be actively involved in a process of introspection and immediate as well as deliberative expression.

East-West Workshop

concept: Frederikke Hansen

organisation: Shedhalle-Team, Daniela Belinga

Task force:
Nicole Henning, Kristine Roepstroff, Daniel Truniger, Raluca Visinescu -Schülerinnen Oberstufenschulhaus Otelfingen

North-South Workshop: Marcondes Dourado, Jeane Pereira -Schülerinnen Oberstufenschulhaus Otelfingen

East-West Workshop: Dimitina Sevova, Alain Kessi, Emil Kessi