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from 1997-10-05 to 1997-11-09

opening date: 1997-10-05 00:00

A city project at the 5th International Istanbul Biennial

Kültür is a group project conceived by women artists and social scientists from Istanbul and Zürich, who are involved in the cultural analyses and production of the urban public space. While the first part of Kültür in Zurich focused on migrancy and women's position within the informal economy of the textile industry in Istanbul, the project for the 5th Istanbul Biennial departs from the specific neighborhood of Karanfilköy to address the present urban dynamics and to validate the spacial and social quality of the public sphere. In collaboration with the Karanfilköy community and other civil organisations, Kültür organizes an openair Gece-Forum - a night forum - bringing to light some of the most urgent questions regarding the global city plan for Istanbul, the challenges marginalized neighborhoods like Karanfilköy are facing in this scenario, and the possible strategies to participate in the debate of urban politics.

In the attempt to tie the local site of urban struggle and debate to the global context and to cultural discourse, Kültür translates itself into the peripheral location and links these activities to the international art space at Darphane by means of an information unit.

organisation: Shedhalle-Team

artists: Yasemin Baydar Demir, Ursula Biemann (Shedhalle), Seyma Reisoglu Naçla, Meral Oezbek, Tül Akbal Sualp, Community von Karanfilköy, Architekturforum Istanbul