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Just Watch
from 1997-09-06 to 1997-11-02

opening date: 1997-09-06

Representational politics in the electronic media

JUST WATCH brought together media activists, producers and theorists from India, The Philippines, Iran, The Antilles, Turkey, Romania, Russia, Colombia, Switzerland, England and Italy who examined issues of media representation from within a post-colonial experience. The symposium discussed the current priorities and strategies in cultural articulation and self-representation by mainly women from the Global South. These questions engaged us in a reflection and identity politics in the communication of gender and ethnicity, both from a perspective of media producers in the Global South and from a minority/migrant position in Europe. JUST WATCH has been entirely announced and realized on the internet.

organisation: Shedhalle-Team

artists: Annabelle Sreberny Mohammadi (Iran/Leicester), Gita Saghal (London), Gargi Sen (New Delhi), Anna Leah Sarabia (Manila), Simin Farkhondeh (New York), Felix de Rooy (Amsterdam), Meral Oezbek (Istanbul), Irina Mardar & Tatyana Borodina (Rostov), Silvia Mejia (Colombia)