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from 1995-06-30 to 1995-07-30

opening date: 1995-06-30 00:00

A Living Project at Shedhalle

PowerPlant is a concrete district project, initiated by a group of people who are discussing city development since the 1980's. The poject to be built should provide enough room for about 700 people. Different forms of living together in communities are part of the infrastructure as well as models related to present economical/ecological tendencies.

During the summer, the core of the group lives in the Shedhalle. At the same time they made public their internal structural work and organized seminars and workshops.

Programm and Structure:
The scaffold installation inside Shedhalle represented a sketch of a so-called PowerPlant-Suite, which means a unit for groups who intended to share a flat. The installation was a vivid frame for the events and at the same time the private and working place for about ten users who made themselves at home there during the event. Furthermore the installation provided visitors with the posibility of an overnight stay.

In addition part of the installation was put at the disposal of a children's hotel.
Inside the common rooms there were video louges, and also the "Sofa-Unis", a seminar on architecture, a reading and a photographic exhibition took place.

concept: Sylvia Kafehsy, Brigitta Kuster, Andreas Hofer, Andreas Wirz

organisation: Andreas Wirz